EU-GCC Clean Energy Network Institutional Membership

Organisations active and interested in the field of clean energy will enjoy a number of benefits through their registration as Network Members.

Network Offering to Members

  • Training programs to promote accelerated learning about a variety of clean energy technologies and policies;
  • Exposure to a range of perspectives on clean energy technologies and their deployment on an informal platform conducive to exchange of views;
  • Stimulating and focused discussion which allows strategic thinking and decision making to be refined;
  • Access to leading players in the EU-GCC clean energy sector, with scope to build extensive new networks;
  • The opportunity to delve into technical, regulatory, economic and commercial development trends;
  • Tap into a Knowledge Pool of main contacts and sources relevant to each topic;
  • Promote and advertise of institutions expertise throughout the Network;
  • Facilitate recruitment through job postings that will be viewed across the Network and explore job opportunities relevant to your field;
  • Information on joint funding opportunities in areas of clean energy research;
  • Sharing of good practices to benefit from the others’ experiences;
  • Leverage knowledge and experience of other institutions to train and support clean energy actions.

In particular the following apply for the Institutional Members:

Promotion & Visibility

  • Institutional Members’ names and logos will be visibly promoted in the EU-GCC Clean Energy Network website;
  • Institutional Members’ names, profiles and logos will be included in the annual Network Members Catalogue – Members will receive free copies of the Catalogue;
  • Institutional Members’ names and logos will be included in selected Network publications and promotional material – Members will receive free copies of this material;
  • Institutional Members will have opportunities to influence and support shaping the direction of the Network activities in the EU and the GCC regions at a technology, policy and research co-operation level;
  • Sharing contact details with other Network Members, through the Network’s platform;
  • Opportunity to upload Organization’s clean energy related information/announcements/job postings, in the Network’s Members announcement area, for public promotion;
  • Opportunity to provide input and articles for the Network Newsletters, publications etc.

Marketing and Events

  • Early information and Member-only briefings on Network conferences and workshops;
  • Invitations for targeted interventions in Network events (Discussion Groups’ Meetings, Plenary Conference);
  • Invitation to Training Events – Seminars organized by the Network;
  • Opportunity to host/co-organize Network Events;
  • Logo exposure on Network website;
  • The use of the Network logo on your business materials;
  • Promotion of your events in the Network Website events Calendar.


To apply for the Institutional Membership, please follow the procedure here below:

As soon as your application is approved, information on your institution’s account will be sent to you via email.

Membership fee

Membership is free for the first two years of the Network operation, until 31/12/2012. Thereafter, an annual membership fee will be introduced. Already registered Network Members will have a discount in the first renewal of their membership.