28th European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition

Place:  Paris, France
Date:  September 30- October 4, 2013
Link:  http://www.photovoltaic-conference.com/

International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications

Place:  Madrid, Spain
Date:  October 20-23, 2013
Link:  http://www.icrera.org/


Place:  Grand Hyatt, Doha, Qatar
Date:  18-19 November 2013
Link:  http://www.solarqatarsummit.com/


Place:  Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date:  11-12 November 2013
Link:  http://www.lightingsummit.com/

Renewable Energy World Europe 2013

Place:  Vienna, Austria
Date:  June 4-6, 2013
Link:  http://www.renewableenergyworld-europe.com/index.html

21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

Place:  Copenhagen, Denmark
Date:  June 3-7, 2013
Link:  http://www.conference-biomass.com/

Solar Desalination Forum

Place:  Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date:  May 26-29, 2013
Link:  http://www.solardesalinationforum.com/

International Conference On Natural Resource Management In A Changing World

Place:  Al-Ain, UAE
Date:  February 24-27, 2013
Link:  http://www.fos.uaeu.ac.ae/conference/nrm/

2nd International Conference on Clean and Green Energy (ICCGE 2013)

Place:  Dubai, UAE
Date:  January 19-20, 2013
Link:  http://www.iccge.org/

2012 UN Climate Change Conference, 18th Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC, 8th session of the Conference of the Parties

Place:  Doha, Qatar
Date:  November 26 – December 7, 2012
Link:  http://unfccc.int/files/press/news_room/unfccc_in_the_press/application/pdf/pr20112911_cop18.pdf

4th Annual Middle East District Cooling Summit

Place:  Doha, Qatar
Date:  November 25-27, 2012
Link:   http://www.fleminggulf.com/conferenceview/4th-Annual-Middle-East-District-Cooling-Summit/313

Fourth International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste

Place:  Venice, Italy
Date:  November 12-15, 2012
Link:  http://venicesymposium.it/

World Energy Forum 2012

Place:  Dubai, UAE
Date:  October 22 – 24, 2012
Link:  http://worldenergyforum2012.org/

Renewable Energy Forum, A Green Energy Strategy for Bahrain

Place:  Bahrain
Date:  15-17 October 2012
Link:  http://www.derasat.org.bh/ref/

5th International Scientific Conference on "Energy and Climate Change"

Place:  Athens, Greece
Date:  October 11-12, 2012
Link:  http://www.promitheasnet.kepa.uoa.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=85&Itemid=26&lang=en

2nd Annual Smart Grids And Smart Meters Summit

Place:  Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date:  October 8-9, 2012
Link:  http://www.fleminggulf.com/conferenceview/2nd-Annual-Smart-Grids-And-Smart-Meters-Summit/290

2nd Annual LNG Technology Global Summit

Place:  Doha, Qatar
Date:  September 25-26, 2012
Link:  http://www.fleminggulf.com/conferenceview/2nd-Annual-LNG-Technology-Global-Summit/288/Programme/1595

Carbon Capture & Storage: A Field Based Masterclass

Place:  Stoborough, Wareham, Dorset, UK
Date:  September 4 - 6, 2012
Link:  http://www.ccstlm.com/content_189_advanced_level_training

2012 3rd Journal Conference on Environmental Science and Development

Place:  Dubai, UAE
Date:  August 4 – 5, 2012
Link:  http://www.ijesd.org/jcesd/3rd/index.htm

2012 3rd International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Applications

Place:  Dubai, UAE
Date:  August 4 – 5, 2012
Link:  http://www.iceea.org/

3rd Annual Gulf Research Meeting

Place:  University of Cambridge, UK
Date:  July 11-14, 2012
Link:  http://www.grc.ae/?frm_action=show_event&op_lang=&sec=Events&sec_type=d&PK_ID=343&frm_eventtype=Workshop&frm_tseats=0&frm_module=events&PHPSESSID=96cee725a205a2fe51fcd5873947caf0

Renewable Energy Risk Management 2012 Congress and Exhibition

Place:  London, UK
Date:  June 26-27, 2012
Link:  http://www.greenpowerconferences.com/EF/?sSubSystem=Prospectus&sEventCode=RE1206UK&sSessionID=28ab82b55a124d1ea212f58e520f030c-10517059

The Energy and Materials Research Conference

Place:  Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain
Date:  June 20-22, 2012
Link:  http://www.formatex.org/emr2012/

20th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

Place:  Milan, Italy
Date:  June 18-22, 2012
Link:  http://www.conference-biomass.com/

Renewable Energy World Europe

Place:  Cologne, Germany
Date:  June 12-14, 2012
Link:  http://www.renewableenergyworld-europe.com/index.html

4th North Africa & Middle East Solar Conference & Expo

Place:  Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date:  May 16-17, 2012
Link:  http://www.csptoday.com/solar-conference/index.php

5th Middle East and North Africa Renewable Energy Conference (MENAREC 5)

Place:  May 16-17, 2012
Date:  http://www.menarec5.org/home.php
Link:  http://www.menarec5.org/home.php

Water, Electricity & Power Generation Forum 2012

Place:  Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Date:  May 13-15, 2012
Link:  http://www.wepower-sa.com/WEPower11/website/Default.aspx?refer=1

4th Carbon Capture & Storage

Place:  Cologne, Germany
Date:  May 9-10, 2012
Link:  http://v11.vuturevx.com/exchange-sites/Whitmore%20Group/59/conferences/eu-ecc4.asp

2nd Annual Oman Power & Water Summit

Place:  Muscat, Oman
Date:  May 6-7, 2012
Link:  http://www.omanpowerandwater.com/Event.aspx?id=650448

Executive Workshop on PV Technology: Capturing the Sun

Place:  Zurich, Switzerland
Date:  April 23-27, 2012
Link:  http://swiss-mango.com/workshop/

Middle East Conference on Sustainability and Human Development (MESH 2012)

Place:  Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date:  April 12-13, 2012
Link:  http://www.ithmaar.org/ithmaar/conference

5th International Conference on Energy Research and Development

Place:  Kuwait, Kuwait
Date:  April 9-11, 2012
Link:  http://www.icerd5.org/

3rd Annual Qatar Alternative Energy Investors Summit

Place:  Doha, Qatar
Date:  April 2-3, 2012
Link:  http://www.qaeis.com/

World Smart Grid Conference, Middle East 2012

Place:  Dubai, UAE
Date:  March 26-28, 2012
Link:  http://www.szwgroup.com/2012/sgmiddleeast/

Gulf Environment Forum 2012

Place:  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Date:  March 25-27, 2012
Link:  http://www.gulfenvironmentforum.com

Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX 2012)

Place:  Place: Dubai, UAE
Date:  March 13-15, 2012
Link:  http://www.wetex.ae/

Carbon Capture and Storage Day

Place:  Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date:  March 12, 2012
Link:  http://v11.vuturevx.com/exchange-sites/Whitmore%20Group/59/events-pdfs-eu/eor2-mktg-agenda.pdf

Wind Farm Development: European Offshore 2012

Place:  Edinburgh, UK
Date:  March 7-8, 2012
Link:  http://v11.vuturevx.com/exchange-sites/Whitmore%20Group/59/conferences/eu-ewp2.asp

International Conference on Renewable Energy: Generation and Applications (ICREGA 2012)

Place:  Al-Ain, UAE
Date:  March 4-7, 2012
Link:  http://www.engg.uaeu.ac.ae/icrega12/

1st Saudi Renewable Energy Conference & Exhibition

Place:  Saudi Arabia
Date:  February 19-21, 2012
Link:  http://www1.kfupm.edu.sa/sarece/Objectives_Topics.html

3rd Solar Thermal Electricity Industry Forum

Place:  Cologne, Germany
Date:  February 14-15, 2012
Link:  http://www.estelasolar.eu/index.php?id=95&tx_kbeventboard_pi1[evt]=23

World Future Energy Summit

Place:  Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date:  January 16-19, 2012
Link:  http://www.worldfutureenergysummit.com/Portal/Default.aspx

Simplifying CCS Training

Place:  Richmond, Surrey, UK
Date:  January 11-12, 2012
Link:  http://www.ccstlm.com/content_187_academy

International Conference on Industrial Applications of Energy Systems (IAES’11) and World Renewable Energy Network Regional Conference

Place:  Sohar, Oman
Date:  December 12-14, 2011
Link:  http://www.soharuni.edu.om/iaes2011/iaes2011.htm

Saudi Water & Power Forum 2011

Place:  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Date:  December 4-6, 2011
Link:  http://www.ksawpf.com/

Global Renewable Energy Development - The Future is Green

Place:  Brussels, Belgium
Date:  October 17, 2011
Link:  http://worldconferences.co.uk/conferences/renewable-energy-wind-solar-nuclear-biomass-hydro-development-investment-storage-efficiency-smart-grid-technology-policy-financing-integration-interconnection-carbon-tariff-supergrid-brussels/

Energy Security Research Symposium

Place:  Doha, Qatar
Date:  November 13-15, 2011
Link:  http://www.britishcouncil.org/me-qatar-energy-security-symposium.htm

European Future Energy Forum 2011

Place:  Geneva, Switzerland
Date:  October 10-12, 2011
Link:  http://www.europeanfutureenergyforum.com/

The Kuwait Pipeline Technology Conference & Exhibition

Place:  Mangaf, Kuwait
Date:  October 4-5, 2011
Link:  http://www.promediakw.com/2011/pipe/

What are the prospects for competing solar electric technologies?

Place:  Webinar
Date:  September 20, 2011
Link:  http://www.renewableenergyfocus.com/webinar/259/what-are-the-prospects-for-competing-solar-electric-technologies

Gulf Research Meeting 2011

Place:  University of Cambridge, UK
Date:  July 6-9, 2011
Link:  http://grcevent.net/cambridge2011/index.php

Renewable Energy World Europe Conference and Exhibition

Place:  Milan, Italy
Date:  June 7-9, 2011
Link:  http://www.renewableenergyworld-europe.com/index.html

Green Week 2011

Place:  Brussels, Belgium
Date:  24-27 May, 2011
Link:  http://ec.europa.eu/environment/greenweek/

3rd Annual Carbon Capture & Storage

Place:  Bari, Italy
Date:  May 18-19, 2011
Link:  http://v11.vuturevx.com/exchange-sites/Whitmore%20Group/59/conferences/eu-ecc3.asp

World Renewable Energy Congress 2011

Place:  Linköping, Sweden
Date:  May 8-13, 2011
Link:  http://www.wrec2011.com/

2nd Engineering Students Renewable Energy Competition 2011 (ESREC’2011)

Place:  UAE
Date:  May 7, 2011
Link:  http://www.engg.uaeu.ac.ae/ESREC2011/index.shtml

7th South East European Congress on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Sources

Place:  Sofia, Bulgaria
Date:  April 13-15, 2011
Link:  http://www.viaexpo.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=30&Itemid=40&lang=en

Energy Efficiency Global Forum

Place:  Brussels, Belgium
Date:  April 12-14, 2011
Link:  http://eeglobalforum.org/

3rd International Conference on Energy and Sustainability

Place:  Alicante, Spain
Date:  April 11 - 13, 2011
Link:  http://www.wessex.ac.uk/11-conferences/energy-2011.html

Third Saudi Solar Energy Forum

Place:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Date:  April 3, 2011
Link:  http://ssef3.apricum-group.com/

The International Conference on Sustainable Systems and the Environment

Place:  Sharjah, UAE
Date:  March 23-24, 2011
Link:  http://www.aus.edu/conferences/isse2011/index.php

Gulf Environment Forum

Place:  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Date:  March 6-8, 2011
Link:  http://www.gulfenvironmentforum.com/

World Sustainable Energy Days 2011

Place:  Wels, Austria
Date:  March 02 - 04, 2011
Link:  http://www.wsed.at/en/world-sustainable-energy-days/

Ecosummit 2011

Place:  Berlin, Germany
Date:  March 24-25, 2011
Link:  http://ecosummit.net/

5th Annual European Carbon Capture and Storage Conference

Place:  London, UK
Date:  February 17–18, 2011
Link:  http://www.platts.com/ConferenceDetail/2011/pc165/index

10. International Conference on Harnessing Technology (ICHT): “Challenges & Opportunities in GCC States – Renewable Energy Resources”

Place:  Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Date:  February 13-14, 2011
Link:  http://www.icht-oman.com.om/

Middle East Electricity

Place:  Dubai, UAE
Date:  February 8 - 10, 2011
Link:  http://www.middleeastelectricity.com/

2nd Brussels CCS Summit

Place:  Brussels, Belgium
Date:  January 26, 2011
Link:  http://www.eu-ems.com/summary.asp?event_id=61&page_id=409

World Future Energy Summit 2011

Place:  Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date:  January 17-20, 2011
Link:  http://www.worldfutureenergysummit.com/home.aspx

Environment Day of Oman

Place:  Nizwa, Oman
Date:  January 8 - 14, 2011
Link:  http://main.omanobserver.om/node/35879


Place:  Manama, Bahrain
Date:  December 18-22, 2010
Link:  http://ieee-energycon.org/

EnviroCities 2010, under the title “Green Cities”

Place:  Dubai, UAE
Date:  November 28-29, 2010
Link:  http://www.enviro-cities.com/portal/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=55&Itemid=69

5th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2010)

Place:  Berlin, Germany
Date:  November 22-24, 2010
Link:  http://www.eurosolar.de/en/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=396&Itemid=118

The World Energy Efficiency Summit 2010

Place:  Dubai, UAE
Date:  October 27-28, 2010
Link:  http://www.theworldenergyefficiencysummit2010.com/

European Future Energy Forum (EFEF) 2010

Place:  London, UK
Date:  October 19-21, 2010
Link:  http://www.europeanfutureenergyforum.com/

GCC Power 2010 Conference & Exhibition

Place:  Doha, Qatar
Date:  October 18-20, 2010
Link:  http://www.gcc-cigre-power.com/

Power Generation & Water Middle East

Place:  Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date:  October 17-19, 2010
Link:  http://www.powerandwaterme.com

EuroSun 2010

Place:  Graz, Austria
Date:  September 28-October 1, 2010
Link:  http://www.eurosun2010.org/cms/welcome_eurosun.html

World Renewable Energy Congress XI and Exhibition 2010 (WREC XI)

Place:  Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date:  September 25-30, 2010
Link:  http://www.wrecuk.co.uk/

Humanisation of Cities of Tomorrow Summit

Place:  Doha, Qatar
Date:  September 20-21, 2010
Link:  http://www.citiesoftomorrow-me.com/EventContent/Home.aspx?id=72&new=1

25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference & Exhibition

Place:  Valencia, Spain
Date:  September 6 - 10,2010
Link:  http://www.photovoltaic-conference.com/

1st INCO Conference "Supporting Research Integration"

Place:  Athens, Greece
Date:  June 10,2010
Link:  http://www.ncp-incontact.eu/nkswiki/index.php?title=1st_INCO_Conference_%22Supporting_Research_Integration%22%2C_Athens_9-10_June_2010

Renewable Energy Finance MENA Conference

Place:  Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date:  June 6-8, 2010
Link:  http://www.gulffinancialconferences.com/events/renewableenergyfinance

Clean Energy Initiatives in Qatar: Roundtable Discussion and Launch of CEBC in Qatar

Place:  Doha, Qatar
Date:  May 20, 2010
Link:  http://www.meref.net/

Clean Technology Transforming the Middle East

Place:  Manama, Bahrain
Date:  May, 17-19, 2010
Link:  http://www.thecwcgroup.com/events/eventproduct/index.aspx?ID=74

Middle East Forum on Gas Flaring Reduction & Gas Utilization

Place:  Muscat, Oman
Date:  May 10-11, 2010
Link:  http://www.menaflaringforum.org

3rd Middle East Energy Security Forum (MEESEC 2010)

Place:  Manama, Bahrain
Date:  April 26-28, 2010
Link:  http://www.fleminggulf.com/conferences/energy/3rd-middle-east-energy-security-forum-meesec-2010-3-1-1