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EU GCC Renewable Energy Policy Experts workshop – Press Release

More than 35 high-ranking delegates from the EU and the GCC analyzed the initiatives launched by the GCC for improving the uptake of clean energy solutions and the EU’s relevant policy actions to support the ambitious targets for reduction of emissions by 2050, at the EU GCC Renewable Energy Policy Experts workshop organized in the UAE. Opportunities and prospects for relevant EU –GCC cooperation were discussed leading to a number of policy recommendations.


Energy trade always constituted a major chapter in EU-GCC relations. The EU has established new, ambitious targets for reduction of emissions by 2050, which envisage a substantial decline of the role of traditional fossil sources such as oil and gas. In parallel, the GCC countries have manifested growing concern for their own energy future and excessive dependence on fossil fuels, and have launched multiple initiatives for improving the uptake of clean energy solutions.
As part of the EU-funded public diplomacy project on “Promoting Deeper EU-GCC Relations”,
EPU-NTUA in cooperation with the Gulf Research Center and Masdar Institute are organising a Renewable Energy Policy Experts’ workshop hosted in Masdar Institute, Abu Dhabi on November 26-27, 2013. The 2-day workshop is actively endorsed by the EU-GCC CLEAN ENERGY NETWORK, an initiative created jointly by the EU and the GCC to catalyse cooperation among the two regions on clean energy topics of common interest.
Within this framework, the event aims to discuss at high policy level the potential for cooperation in the promotion of clean energy. This will encompass both opportunities for bilateral agreements in various areas as well as exploration of common positions (or debate of points of divergence) with respect to negotiations in multilateral fora.
The workshop is divided into five sessions focusing on:

  • EU-GCC energy policy co-operation in the field of Renewables: Status and Prospects
  • Promoting co-operation on Energy Efficiency & Demand Side Management
  • EU-GCC co-operation potential in the field of Renewables: Technology and Research perspective
  • EU-GCC co-operation for integration of Renewables in the Grid
  • Promoting EU-GCC co-operation on Water and Power generation

Each session will be introduced by a background paper followed by moderated discussion among the participants. Limited selected experts are invited to contribute to this high level event, including academics and specialists, members of various research institutes and policy officials from both the EU and the GCC side. The workshop will result in a publication to be produced in early 2014.