2nd Discussion Groups’ Meeting

11-12 of May, 2011, Brussels, Belgium


This event has been been implemented.

Information on the results, the meeting material and conclusions is available at the Section "Event's Material" 


The 2nd Discussion Groups’ Meeting of the EU-GCC Clean Energy Network will be held on the 11-12 of May, 2011  in Brussels, Belgium.

Following the 1st Discussion Groups’ Meeting (30/11-1/12/2010) and the 1st Plenary Meeting of the Network (18/01/2011), the 2nd Discussion Groups’ Meeting provides the Discussion Group members a chance to meet face-to-face to further work on the areas of common interest identified in the previous meetings towards producing tangible results. It envisages at the same time building tighter relations among the stakeholders and the possible entities, which are participating in the meetings through their representatives.

The Meeting will focus on achieving concrete results and on discussing specific co-operation “packages” within the Five Discussion Groups: Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Demand Side Management & Energy Efficiency, Clean Natural Gas & related Clean Technologies, Electricity Interconnections & Market Integration, Carbon Capture and Storage.

In the above framework, the 2nd Discussion Groups’ Meeting of the EU-GCC Clean Energy Network aims at presenting and highlighting the results and outcomes achieved so far and to make solid steps for the maturing of the co-operation ideas within each Discussion Group. The Meeting will include presentations for setting the basis of discussion and coordinated discussion for defining next steps for action.

During the Meeting, distinguished energy experts, including representatives from the European Commission and the GCC authorities will exchange views and information for mobilising and exploiting the potential of EU-GCC clean energy co-operation.

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